BC Adventure Girls

About Us

BC Adventure Girls is a website, it is several social media profiles, but it is most importantly a community of women coming together to celebrate adventure in this great province. Whether adventure comes from hiking, skiing, kayaking, running, skydiving, or any number of other activities able to be enjoyed in BC. We are a collective of women supporting each other and experiencing life side by side through photos, blogs, in person meetups and much more to come. 

My name is Natasha Lynn Durning. I am the person behind the scenes and the girl who stumbled across an idea that is growing day by day with the support of so many. I am here to tell you what brought BC Adventure Girls to a beginning and where I hope for it to go. This is not simply mine but our story. And I just cannot wait to see where the next chapter leads.


In May 2016 while browsing Instagram I came across an account called @AlbertaAdventureGirls. I saw it and wondered if British Columbia had one too. A quick search revealed there was no such account and I started thinking that maybe there should be! They say to build on what you want in your own life, "scratch your own itch" as it were. I've never been one to stick with the dreams my brain comes up with very well so I decided to make the account and just see if it would keep my interest. To see if I fell in love or out of love with the idea over time. Fast forward to the fall and people started to notice it more, followers were growing and I was starting to hear from other women who loved the idea of this community. I was falling in love with it, exactly what I had been missing for so many years. I began welcoming women into trying out Instagram take overs to showcase their unique views and favourite places in BC. As we move into the end of 2016 the plans for events has begun. With the support of the amazing women that I am growing to know and love I plan to make this "website"(community) stronger. 2017 has much to look forward to and as time goes this specific space will grow to let you in on the story of how it will all come to be. 

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